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    Why Become a Mentee?

    As an African student, it can be difficult to get advice and assistance in pursuing a career or an education either at home or abroad.

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    Finding a mentor in your field of interest can give you access to networks and opportunities that you can’t just search for on Google. You can ask a mentor more detailed questions about which program and college to choose, how to be accepted (and pay for) education overseas, where to look for a job, and how to develop your professional, technical, and communication skills.  Building a strong relationship with someone who is already established in your field of interest will tell you a lot about whether you want to work in that career, as well as how to get there. It also gives you a link to someone you can respect who has been where you are and has succeeded.

    If you want to reach out to a mentor in person, the pool may be smaller but the relationship could be closer. Don’t be afraid to contact an author, professor, employer, or researcher you admire and can learn from. Courteously explain that you’re a student looking for guidance and ask if you can pick their brain. Build on these contacts slowly and feel free to ask a few questions, but don’t expect any favours. The chance to learn from someone who is internationally recognized in your field is an honour in and of itself.

    Like most other things in life, finding a mentor requires persistence and you may have some false starts. However, connecting with a more experienced person who can help you on your journey is a worthwhile endeavour.
As a meeting place for African educators and students, this website is a great place to find a mentor. Feel free to submit your profile via the form below to join a community specifically dedicated to helping you succeed.

    How Afro Student Works

    Create a profile: the first step in finding suitable scholarships for your academic goal is creating a simple non-evasive profile.

    Answer 6 short questions – these are navigational queries that selectively match you with winnable scholarships.

    Every scholarships have time line, requirements, targeted demographics – some are need base (for poor people), merit base (talented students who are on top of their game), athletics, average academic performance, unusual scholarships,and so on. Once presented with different scholarship options, you’re ready to start applying.