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    Migrate to Canada

    The process of migrating to another country could be a very daunting task. We can assist and guide you to simplify this intricate process.

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    We have access to the reliable and related information and individual attention to make an informed decision. Our immigration consulting services are primarily focused on assisting and guiding potential clients from abroad with their immigration process to Canada. We are conversant with extensive knowledge of immigration system in this country, we can render advice on available immigration and education programs and the requirements.

    The duration for application to be complete remains the potential client choice: it can be slow or quick depending on how fast or quick clients responded.  However, we work with client pace from the beginning to the end of the application. Furthermore, our education consulting service also focused on potential students overseas and placing them in Canadian universities of their choice. Though the choice of schools remains the students’,  we would offer universities or college recommendations when necessary to ensure admission into an ideal institution especially in cases where a student has strong academic records and extracurricular records. We offer a wide range of college and University options to both undergraduate and graduate students as we continue to build strong affiliations with various institutions. Ultimately, we will work with individual budgets and strive to empower future generations.

    SERVICE OFFERINGS Our goal is to provide prospective international applicants the opportunity to immigrate to Canada legally. We always provide immigration services and ongoing support throughout the entire application process. Services provided include but are not limited to:

    A. Application Process

    We would conduct an assessment on you based on your resume/ CV under the following factors.

    • Academic Records
    • Work Experience
    • Standardized Testing Scores
    • Age
    • Settlement Fund
    • Valid Job Offer
    • Familial Connection
    • Extra-Curricular Activities / Vocational training

    We would carefully evaluate the needs and requirements of each client as well as completed immigration requirements. Information obtained from clients would be used to aid with every phase of the application process.

    STANDARDIZED TEST A test of English is compulsory for every potential applicant. Standardized tests include IELTS, (general Module) etc. A minimum score of CLB 7 is required.

    TRAVEL DOCUMENT it’ s our responsibility to work with applicants in acquiring all necessary travel documents including filling necessary application forms on time to avoid delays in acquiring the applicable visa at the embassy. However, it’ s the applicant’s responsibility to have met and provided all documents for the immigration process.

    ACADEMIC RECORDS All academic records provided by applicants outside Canada must be evaluated by a designated organization in Canada. We would help locate organizations approved by IRCC that would convert your international credentials into Canadian equivalents. WORK EXPERIENCE Potential applicants work experience must be listed under the Canadian NOC National Occupation Classification. Applicant must ve worked for a minimum of a year to get points in this factor.

    SETTLEMENT FUND For every principal applicant, a minimum amount of CAD$10,000 is required as settlement fund for the immigration. Each accompanying must provide CAD$2, 000.

    FAMILIAL CONNECTION Familial connection is another important factor which can add to applicant overall score. This includes father, mother, sister, aunt, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, niece etc. Valid Job Offer is not compulsory but very important. A potential client with a valid Job offer shall provide all requirements as stated by CIC.


    1. Consultation on available options (as peculiar to each person) $300 CAD

    2. Gathering/Collecting necessary documents and putting in the application (EOI) $1,000 CAD

    3. Uploading all the documents if invited to apply – $800 CAD

    These prices may change with time, depending on individual request.

    Disclaimer: We are not a law firm, nor do we have a connection to Canadian Immigration Office or Embassy.  The information contained in this report has been compiled based on the CIC Immigration programs which is available online for everyone to access. Under no circumstances do we issue visas to any individual. We do not and cannot guarantee or give any warranty (insofar as such warranties may be excluded under relevant law) in respect of the correctness, completeness, currency, merchantability or fitness of the information for purpose. We shall not be liable, and hereby denies liability, for any losses or damage that may result for not getting Visa issuance as Visas is subject to CIC approval.

    Contact us at for further inquiries. I will send you an email regarding some of the modifications needed. Thank you!

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