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There are a number of scholarship opportunities available world wide for university students, starting from partial scholarships that cover some tuition fees, to full scholarships that covers for the duration of studies. Majority of scholarships are know to cover for tuitions only, in-turn leaving students to cover their everyday living costs.

Don’t get it twisted, scholarships are very competitive. With regards to the fact that, there are lot of students around the globe pushing to get funding for their studies. Although another set of scholarships depend on your outstanding academic records (‘merit-based scholarships’), the chances of success most often are determined by the quality of application, and your status of financial need.

Yes! The fact is that, graduate scholarships to study internationally tend to be trendy than undergraduate scholarships, due to facts that both universities and governments are often geared to attracting highly skilled graduate students from abroad, and graduate scholarships is often used as an incentive.

Applying for Scholarship

To find scholarships you are eligible for, offers you the best solution. We provide you scholarships information, but these information are only made available to our premium members

If your goal is scholarship funding, you should let the school in question know of the situation. Some overseas schools offer only ‘fully funded’, meaning all applicants must have sufficient funding in place. 

In recent times, schools, governments and external organizations normally would list their scholarship opportunities online, with detailed information of how to apply. Most usually  allows to submit your application online, accompanied by relevant supporting documents as requested .